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This is the sharing of a patient --- there are many benefits of doing exercise

【Case Sharing】Sumo Wrestler

Before I contacted Dr. Cai, I was a non-exercise person. I had my own maintenance method. I thought that as long as I paid attention to my diet and living habits, my body would naturally be healthy. These boring and monotonous movements are not what I want. If I want to exercise, my descendants of Yanhuang and Huang are practicing the boxing techniques of their ancestors to keep fit.

But the mountains don't turn around, there are always bottlenecks, and when the time comes, there is an opportunity. With a few simple movements from Dr. Cai, I feel that my waist is firmer, the bottom plate is more stable, and my legs are stronger! The sumo wrestlers and Xiaoqifudi that I have to do every day have made my thighs and abdominal muscles stronger. The stronger muscles represent the smoothness of the meridians and the abundance of qi and blood, and these are like water pipes, connecting everywhere. The whole body moved, and the muscles and posture of the whole body also changed, becoming more slender and lean.

At this time, I thought that exercise should be incorporated into my health regimen.

My spleen and stomach have always been the focus of my health. Chinese medicine believes that the movement of muscles and limbs depends on the power of the spleen. If the spleen is healthy and the qi and blood in the body are adequately nourished, the muscles and limbs will be healthy and strong; however, if the spleen is weak, the muscles will be weak and the limbs will become fatigued and weak. I was blindly trying to change the spleen and stomach in terms of living habits and eating habits, and when a method of self-cultivation was used to the extreme, but it didn’t get the expected results, I suddenly thought about it. Does exercising help the spleen to transform? The answer is yes, my spleen and stomach have improved, and I have less stomach discomfort .

I don't know if this is the case for everyone, but I think I'd like to try again and see what kind of changes the exercise can bring me. Even if it ends up like this, the mermaid lines on both sides are a pleasant surprise!

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